Hello & Welcome to My Spirited Way!

Hello & Welcome to My Spirited Way!

Hello and welcome to the launch of My Spirited Way! My name is Connie, I am an English girl living in Japan!

I wanted to start off by telling you guys why I started this blog, what sort of stuff you will be seeing me post here and where else you can find me.

Why I started a blog

Since my exchange to Japan during my time in University I have been interested in keeping people back at home updated about my life in Japan, and since moving back out here and getting married, I feel that there is even more of a reason for me to keep in contact with the rest of the world.

I want to share my experiences with everyone, how my life is different out here and how it will change and develop in the future.
I will be posting and vlogging about my adventures that I take out here with Riku, and will also be showing you what our daily life is like in Japan.

If you are interested in Japanese Life, Culture, Food and Adventures then this may be a blog that you will want to bookmark.

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See you next time

~ Connie ~

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    1. Thank you Sim! Finally got my laptop back working after a week of it being out, so I will get right back to posting now!

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