What I’ve been up to…

What I’ve been up to…


So it’s been a little while since my first post, and to tell you guys the truth, it’s all because my laptop screen was going through something that looked like it belonged in a rave. Anyway, after retrieving my typing machine from the “Laptop Hospital” I am now able to begin my journey with you guys and this blog.

I thought I might need to tell you guys that although this blog is dedicated to my life in Japan, I am actually currently back in the UK enjoying the Christmas holidays in British Style. So if you came here for Japanese christmas festivities, you may have to wait for a little while – sorry!
However, you can be sure to find other Japanesey stuff once I get back, so keep subscribed anyway, and enjoy the great british christmas festivities that I am about to bestow on you!

So where have I been whilst my laptop was on life support?… Bath, Bath, Bath and more Bath. Thats right, I have been to the City of Bath four times this week, four! And I still don’t feel I’ve had enough of it.

There is a bus ticket that we purchased that cost just £18 for ten journeys – its pretty cheap, and the journey is quite pleasant. Once we were in Bath, we were able to enjoy the Christmas markets that were up until the 10th of December (so unfortunately over now, but you guys have next year too!).

Every year from the Bath Southgate train station, all the way up to the Abbey is carpeted in cute little Christmas market stalls, where you can buy all the wooden ties you want whilst filling up on roasted chestnuts and mulled wine. This year the cheese stalls outdid themselves with Triple Chocolate Indulgence and Sticky Toffee Tastic cheese! Weird and tasty – two great things to be!

Christmas Tree
Market stalls
Market stalls

The Christmas markets are a treat that bring a little more character to the streets of Bath, and if you are around Somerset next December, I certainly recommend a visit.

So for now I will keep you updated with my trip to the UK, and on christmas eve I am expecting Riku to be joining me over here before we head back out to Japan in early January. So keep warm, stay happy and subscribe!

~ Connie ~

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