100 facts about me

100 facts about me

A week has past and i’ve been up to no good (spending most of my time catching up on Gilmore Girls so I can watch the final season ~ guilty pleasure).
With just a few days to Christmas, the atmosphere is getting increasingly merry and relaxed. By avoiding the crazy holiday jumble I’ve decided that I should write a post so that you guys can get to know me a little bit better.

So here is a list of a 100 random facts about me. You might find them interesting…or you might not, decide on that when you’re finished reading them.

1. My full name is Connie Jade Sheppard-Lillington

2. I was born in 1995

3. I was born breech (and survived!)

4. My zodiac sign is Cancer

5. My ruling body is the Moon

6. My birthstone is Moonstone

7. My element is Water

8. I did not crawl until after I started walking

9. I started to walk at a very young age ~ 7 months old

10. My first tooth came through at 5 months old (I was an early child)

11. I lost my first tooth at 3 and a half.

12. All of my adult teeth were through by the age of 10

13. By age 12 I had all 4 wisdom teeth (which probably means I’m smarter than you ;P)

14. I am 5’4”

15. My mum is a qualified high standard Canine Beautician

16. My dad used to be a circuit racing driver

17. My stepdad is Chris Sanigar, a former professional boxer

18. My brother attends Clifton College

19. I went to 2 different primary schools (Dundry C of E and Sacred Heart)

20. After secondary school at Chew Valley, I went to the City of Bristol College

21. I studied at UWE (University of the west of England)

22. I began my graduate studies in Drawing and Print, but left the course after 1 year

23. I re-started university studying Graphic Design

24. In June 2017 I graduated from university

25. I studied abroad for 6 months in Tokyo Zokei University

26. I loved school

27. I hated university

28. I used to ride horses

29. I used to do gymnastics

30. For 10 years, I competed as a Synchronised swimmer in the National Age Groups

31. My name was in the Synchronised Swimming GB Junior development team

32. After retiring from Synchronised Swimming I took up waterpolo

33. I played waterpolo for UWE

34. I helped coach waterpolo for Bristol One when the junior club started out

35. I used to be head chorister at Dundry Church Choir

36. At age 16 I formed the band “Encompass” as their Lead Vocalist

37. I can play the Piano by ear

38. I am studying guitar

39. I want to form a band (hit me up if your interested)

40. I own 7 guitars, 2 of which are bass guitars, 1 violin and a piano

41. I worked as a personal assistant at Bristol Boxing Gym

42. I worked as a lifeguard (not a job I recommend)

43. I worked for 5 years as a host and waitress at COSMO restaurant in Bristol

44. I want to work as a mountain guide

45. I have plans to open a cafe in the future

46. My favourite food is Blueberries

47. My favourite British meal is a Roast Dinner

48. My favourite Japanese meal is Ramen

49. My least favourite food are mushrooms

50. I have a phobia of prawns (they look so alien and bug like)

51. I don’t like butterflies (or anything that likes flying near my face to be honest)

52. I used to fear the ocean (now I love it)

53. Human skulls creeped me out when I was younger, so much to the point of crying when I found one in the school biology room at break time

54. Whistling annoys me

55. I have TMJD (Temporomandibular Jaw Disorder) that I developed at a young age due to cracking and popping my jaw on purpose

56. I further injured my jaw after dislocating it during a waterpolo game in 2016

57. I suffer from depersonalisation

58. I believe in pre-birth memories and existence, and that I chose my path in this life

59. I have visited The Republic of Ireland, Spain, France, Lanzarote, Jamaica, Portugal, Finland (Airport only, but still) Florida, Japan and the Okinawa archipelago

60. I want to visit The Northern British isles, Iceland, Norway, Alaska, China, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia, The Artic Circle and The Himalayas

61. I want to climb Mt. Fuji

62. I climbed Pen Y Fan 6 times in the course of 1 year (probably too much)

63. I have failed to reach the top of Snowdon twice ~ 3rd time lucky right?

64. I have climbed Mt. Takao and Mt. Rokko in Japan

65. My favourite view spot is Llyn Clwedog in North Wales

66. I want to dive with sharks

67. My favourite animal is the wolf

68. I dreamed of working in Yellowstone Park with the wolves when I was a girl

69. I have a cat called Marmalade

70. I have a dog called Buddy

71. Both my pets live in the UK

72. I am a freelance illustrator

73. I also do freelance landscape photography

74. I got interested in cinematography during university

75. I have Instagram: @karasu_travels (just incase you missed it)

76. I also have a Vimeo channel with my university cinematography if you’re interested: @ConnieSheppard

77. I enjoy reading books

78. I like to think I might write a book one day

79. My current favourite musicians are One Ok Rock and Coldrain (although this is always subject to change)

80. If I could follow any religion it would be Old Norse (my viking blood is calling)

81. I like beards. (again, viking blood (…Riku…grow one…)

82. I hardly ever say “sorry” but when I do, I mean it

83. I’m a bit of a coffee addict

84. I also love chocolate

85. I’d like to start a youtube channel for this blog. It might take a while to set up though, I’m a bit camera shy

86. My favourite J-Vloggers on Youtube are Tokyo Lens, Abroad in Japan, Texan in Tokyo (I wish they’d update us on their life <3)

87. My favourite Daily Vlogger on Youtube is Taylor R

88. I admire the television director, Andre Dupuis

89. I was inspired by an old family friend; Anton Bantock, to travel to Japan

90. Since I started traveling I haven’t been able to stop

91. I don’t like change

92. I haven’t had my hair cut in about 4 years (it grows, and its healthy, don’t judge)

93. I loose motivation easily

94. But if I want something or want to do something really badly, I will stick to it

95. I am a shy person and it takes me a while to get used to people

96. I can be quite judgemental

97. I am normally right though 😉

98. I get a lot of people asking me which part of the States or Australia I am from, but the truth is I am Somerset-bred through and through

99. I believe that I am who I am because of other people

100. I believe I am destined to do something in life

So now you know about me, why not tell me a fact about yourself?

~ Connie ~

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