One Hectic Week

One Hectic Week

Just as Riku is starting to get a hang of English time and ridding himself of Jet lag, we have to prepare for flying back to Japan in just a few days time.

This past week has been pretty hectic.
We drove across to Heathrow to collect Riku on Christmas Eve, and the next day was Christmas, so you can pretty much guess how tired we all were on the big day, then it was a rush to get to Bath on boxing day for the sales.

Nevertheless, we made it.
We also made it through Christmas dinner – 3 straight days of it (I kind of want more)

Oh yeah, and it snowed!
Once again we all went up to Dundry to enjoy it while it lasted, and I got to check out my new camera (I welcome myself to the world of 4K)

~ Connie ~

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