Hunger pang(cake)s

Hunger pang(cake)s

I’ve been craving pancakes.

Ever since I missed shroves tuesday, I have had a taste for sweet pancakes, and the craving has just not gone away.
So when I came across a Hawaiian pancake cafe on my way to my swimming pool, I immediately went to check it out…it was closed. I was gutted. And still craving pancakes.

On sunday we headed over to Yamaguchi city to renew Riku’s driving licence. The process was long and pretty boring. After filling out numerous forms and having his photo updated, he headed into a seminar room to listen to the compulsory theory lecture Japanese licence holders have to have every 5 years. The roads are constantly changing here, therefore the lecture is much needed – (they only just introduced roundabouts in 2014, and hell, they do *NOT* know how to use them D’:)

I waited in the car during the hour he was in that room. I brought with me a book and laptop to write, and instead spent the hour glued to a game on my iphone…(talk about wasting time..)

He was let out at 11:40am – 2 hours earlier than expected – and so we had a whole day to do something with, and no idea where to spend it.
In the end we decided on re-visiting  Tokiwa Park in Ube City.

We had first visited this park back in early November when the autumn leaves were glowing.
We found the park had a large lake with pedal-boats, a zoo, numerous art displays scattered around the park, an amusement park, camping areas and a hawaiian restaurant.

Guess where we went?

Yup. If I want pancakes, I get pancakes.

Hawaiian Pancake with cream and cashew nuts
Cafe Leola Hawaiian Pancake! – pretty darn tasty

I had actually never tried hawaiian style pancakes before, and I was a bit iffy on trying it. In total there were four pancakes, Hawaiian style, Maple syrup, Mango fruits and French toast style. I had had all the other flavours before and as a result, this time I decided to be brave.

Boy, It was good.

Riku used a coupon we had for a super cool coffee! It had candy floss on top – looked pretty crazy, tasted pretty good. I opted for an sweet acai berry smoothie to go in addition to my pancake – never had that before either. Another good choice.

Candyfloss coffee and Acai Berry Smoothie
Cafe Leola Acai Berry Smoothie and Poepoe coffee

After the cafe we decided to try and complete the walking course which we had started back in November.
According to the maps dotted around the park, the full course is roughly 5km in total. As Last time we went we had only a short time before dusk and ended up heading home before completing the lap, therefore, this time we decided to walk further.

Again, we failed.

But I did find a super friendly cat!

Ginger Cat Sitting on the Floor
A friendly old cat!

We named him Charles. Charles the ginger cat.
Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up with him next time we head to Tokiwa Park!

~ Connie ~

2 Replies to “Hunger pang(cake)s”

  1. Wow connie the pancakes looks amazing not to sure about the crazy coffee (Candyfloss) . Alby loves pancakes he’s always want them with sugar and lemon 😍. Tokiwa Park looks like a great place to go so much to do there.
    Like how you name the cat Charles it suit him he’s got a fantastic place he lives in 🐈
    Lovely photo connie
    Love & kisses
    mum 😘😘

  2. Hi Connie. What a lovely day , food drink and walk what could be better. Not a great lover of pancakes but that was one interesting dessert! Riku’s lesson’ was your boring bit but…..some dri vers here could do with roundabout lessons! Hoping you are ok. Love Mxx

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