On Safari

On Safari

Did you know you can take a safari tour in the Japanese countryside to see elephants, rhinos and lions in Yamaguchi prefecture?

Well, in Mine City you can do just that, and will find them roaming in the large open space of Safari Land.

a male lion basking in the sun
The REAL lion king.

What is it?

In Safari Land you can find a wide range of animals from across the globe. From the safety of your car or the safari bus you can get up close to the animals.
The animals at Safari Land look a lot healthier and happier than those you might find in a zoo (especially any Japanese zoo – cages are ridiculously small here and the way the animals are treated is always questionable in Japan), there are however some exceptions to the case and I do wonder whether some of the creatures should really be here in the strange climate – do the Japanese care? probably not too much.
Some of the animals available in the tour include:

  • Elephants
  • Rhinos
  • Giraffes
  • Tigers
  • Lions
  • Grizzly Bears
  • Zebras
  • White tigers
  • White Lions
  • Cheetahs
  • Hyenas
  • African Wild dog
  • Red panda

For a fee of 2,400円 you can zip around the safari in your own vehicle (provided it has a roof and you keep the windows closed) with a tablet guide provided by the staff at the entrance to the park. The tablet can be changed to an english speaking guide and provides information on each of the enclosures as the built in GPS recognises your position in the park.

a trio of lions laying down as a car drives past
A group of lions enjoying the summer heat.
a male lion laying in the sun
It was sunbathing weather.
four zebras being fed from a safari tour in the Japanese countryside
You can feed the zebras on the safari bus tour!
a couple of lions laying down in the sun
A cute couple sunbathing.














After the tour

After the safari tour you get access to a petting zoo and pony rides.
In the petting zoo you gain access to a number of farm animals, ducks, sheep, goats, llamas and wait for it…

(WARNING: The petting zoo includes a stroppy pony willing to bite off your fingers – what petting zoo doesn’t?)

Under the supervision of a keeper you can feed the elephants and giraffes at the feeding square, and you can take a pony ride at the far end of the park.
I never really check out restaurants at theme parks as they’re often very overpriced and I assume this wouldn’t be too different. If you head to the park and try one of the meals; let me know how it was in the comment section below!

a kangaroo being petted
You can enter the kangaroo enclosure on foot and pet the animals – they’re totally chilled out!
a baby kangaroo being petted by a little girl
The baby kangaroos will play with the children.
a goat
There are regular farm animals for petting.
a white pony
This guy’s favourite food is fingers!














Akiyoshidai Safari Land: Now it’s your turn

Safari Land’s website provides information on fees, timing, the park and amusements as well as a keepers blog which keeps track of the animals throughout the season as well as providing news on newborns from their breeding programme.
If you want to experience a safari tour in the Japanese countryside and see some animals up close; bring along your car or hop on the safari bus for an unusual experience in Japan.  According to their website in the past year there has only been one incident of an animal causing damage to a car; An ostrich decided to take a bite out of a car mirror.

My favourite part of the whole tour was a little pack of chihuahuas available for pets and cuddles after the safari (-not very adventurous of me.)

(If you want to know about more things you can do in west Japan check out some of my past posts here, here and here.)
four young lion cubs sitting in a shelter on a safari tour in the Japanese countryside
We were lucky enough to get to see these beautiful cubs!
a small black goat walking
These guys are small and very nifty.
an adult kangaroo laying on the floor
“No photos please.”
red pandas looking down from a shelf on a safari tour in the Japanese countryside
There are red pandas in the park.
a red panda
There are red pandas at the park.
a tiger laying in the shade on a safari tour in the Japanese countryside
This guy prefers the shade.
an adult elephant walking past a safari tour in the Japanese countryside
This beauty passed us by in our car.

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